The TARDIS Photo Booth

The Tardis Make a memory, take a memory.

The TARDIS Photo Booth is a scale replica of a 1960's era Police Public Call Box, the iconic time-traveling vehicle used by The Doctor in the Doctor Who series. This fairly accurate representation of the T.A.R.D.I.S. provides an opportunity for fans of the show to be photographed with it. As one enthusiastic Whovian once said: "I can now scratch this off my bucket list". Along with the box, there's a full scale, operator-driven Dalek, built to the scale of the Daleks used for the first three Doctors. At times, "Derek", as it is known, will travel around, interacting with convention members and posing for pictures. Finally, there is also a full-scale talking K-9, introduced by the 4th Doctor.

Once you step inside the "Blue Box", you will enter a world of your own imagination. With the use of green screen technology, we can say yes, it is bigger on the inside. Patrons will have four different sets of backgrounds from which to choose. Each set has four photos, all with different backgrounds. Some of the photos will also have foreground images that will appear in front of the patrons, making it somewhat 3D. The entire process is controlled by a touch screen. An attendant will always be there to guide guests through the process if they need help. Upon exiting, there will be two identical photo strips, with four pictures each.

Finally, all of the attendants appear in costume, covering Doctors three, four, ten and eleven, along with Amy Pond, The Master, and more. It's a great opportunity to pose outside the booth, and show off your best Dr. Who moves. If you want to see examples, go to the album section of the Photo Booths's Facebook page, and view photos both outside and inside the booth.

You can also visit the TARDIS Photo Booth's website, as well as their Facebook Event Page.