About Shore Leave

On stardate 3025, the crew of the USS Enterprise arrived at a planet in the Omicron Delta region. A landing party, which included Chief Medical Officer McCoy and Helmsman Sulu, was sent down to explore the planet.

Shortly after their arrival, Mister Sulu asked Doctor McCoy whether he thought the captain might authorize shore leave for the crew. The doctor agreed that the planet seemed well suited, adding, "It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland."

A short time later, Doctor McCoy encountered a talking white rabbit, followed moments later by a young girl in a gingham dress.

Shore Leave 41 will include:

Writing Workshops: Learn how to improve your writing from some of your favorite writers. Past panels have included writing about the non-fictional part of Trek; How to express point of view in your story; The trials and tribulations of being a writer and more.

Stargazing: View the planets, stars and galaxies that are visible from the Baltimore area.

Meet the Pros Party: Join our author guests for Shore Leave's autograph party. Be sure to meet the authors of the latest Pocket Book Trek or SF release.

Game Room: The Shore Leave game room offers many actitivies including Role Playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Miniature War Games, and more!

Photo Ops: Get your photo taken with your favorite stars and get the photos back in time to get them signed without the need to leave the hotel!

Fan Panels: We're always looking for ideas for fan-led panels and people to lead them. If you have suggestions for a panel, please Let us Know.

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