Photo Opportunities!

Photo Ops will be offered with our celebrity guests. But that's not the best part! The photos taken during the photo sessions will be made available to you during the convention so you'll be able to get autographs that weekend! Photos will be taken at scheduled times on Saturday, July 13 in the Hunt-Valley Foyer. Please see the Photo Ops schedule for times.

Photo Op tickets will be available at the door on Friday, and (cash-only) on Saturday at the Photo Ops booth, outside the Hunt Ballroom.

Single Actor Photo Prices

  • Michael Shanks $50
  • Lexa Doig $45
  • Anson Mount $50
  • Ethan Peck $50
  • Nichelle Nichols $55
  • John Glover $55
  • Erica Durance $45
  • Aaron Ashmore $45
  • Laura Vandervoort $45
  • Alex Mallari, Jr. $45

Group Photo Prices

  • Stargate Duo with Michael Shanks & Lexa Doig: $80
  • Star Trek Discovery Duo with Anson Mount & Ethan Peck: $85
  • Star Trek Trio with Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, & Nichelle Nichols: $115
  • V Duo with Lexa Doig & Laura Vandervoort: $75
  • Supergirl Duo with Erica Durance & Laura Vandervoort: $75
  • Smallville Duo #1 with John Glover & Erica Durance: $80
  • Smallville Duo #2 with Erica Durance & Aaron Ashmore: $75
  • Smallville/Saving Hope Duo with Michael Shanks & Erica Durance: $80
  • Smallville Trio #1 with Michael Shanks, Erica Durance, & Laura Vandervoort: $100
  • Smallville Trio #3 with Aaron Ashmore, Erica Durance, & Laura Vandervoort: $100

All prices are per print. Multiple people may appear in a single photo, however there will only be one print per photo op ticket.

Please refer to the Registration Page to sign up. If you've already registered you can send in a new form with payment for the photo ops.

Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, and Laura Vandervoort will each sign one item for no additional charge during the Official Autograph Sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Photo Ops photos count as your one free item. These guest will be charging for their autograph at all other times.

Most other guests will be charging a fee (amount to be determined by the actor) for their autographs.

Don't miss out! We can't guarantee that photo op tickets will still be available by the time of the convention.

Photo Ops tickets purchased via Pre-reg will be delivered to you when you receive your Registration materials at the convention. Additional Photo Op tickets will be available on Friday and early Saturday morning at At-the-Door Registration. Please bring your tickets with you to the Photo Op Sessions that you have purchased.

All Photo Op sessions will take place on Saturday morning, July 13. The location will be posted at the convention. You should arrive just prior to or as close to the start time as possible. There will be signs posted outside of the photo ops area telling you where and when you will be able to pick up your photos.