Shore Leave 41 Guest: John Glover

John  Glover

John Glover is the Tony winning actor best known for his role as LIONEL LUTHOR on the DC Superman origin series SMALLVILLE. John has a long history with the DC UNIVERSE, appearing in 2019's SHAZAM! opposite Mark Strong and Zachary Levi, playing THE RIDDLER on the acclaimed BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, as well as DR. WOODRUE in George Clooney's BATMAN AND ROBIN.

With over forty years of stage and screen experience, John has played a variety of well known roles including DANIEL CLAMP in Joe Dante's GREMLINS 2, Bryce Cummings opposite Bill Murray in SCROOGED, as well as roles in STAR TREK, 52 PICK UP, PAYBACK, ROBOCOP 2, BRIMSTONE, and LAW AND ORDER. John is proud supporter of the work of The Alzheimer's Association, for which he has been a longtime benefactor and speaker.