Shore Leave 41 Guest: Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson is the author of the Potomac Shadows urban fantasy series, the Pistols and Pyramids weird western series, and other series currently under development. He has written sundry other pieces of fiction, including several stories published in the Star Trek universe, and has freelanced for pen and paper roleplaying game companies, including Modiphius, Decipher, and White Wolf. He is the line editor and adventures manager for the new Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game published by Modiphius.

Please visit for more information on Jim and his interests and writing. Jim lives in historic Alexandria, VA with his wife, son, and two crazy cats.

Books by Jim Johnson:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
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978-153965-647-0 Create Space Independent Publishing
Star Trek Adventures These Are the Voyages Vol 1 978-191013-286-9 Modiphius Entertainment
Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook 978-191013-285-2 Modiphius Entertainment
Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook (Collector's Edition) 978-191013-299-9 Modiphius Entertainment
978-154108-784-2 CreateSpace Independent Publisher
978-153690-543-4 Create Space Independent Publishing
978-069263-931-3 Ineti Press
978-069263-930-6 Ineti Press
978-069262-035-9 Ineti Press
1-41655-850-0 Pocket
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1-41652-048-1 Pocket
978-074348-780-1 Pocket