Shore Leave 42: Guests

Brandon Routh
Superman Returns' Clark Kent, Arrow's Ray Palmer/The Atom, and Chuck's Daniel Shaw.

Aimee Garcia
Lucifer's Ella Lopez, Dexter's Jamie Batista, and M.O.D.O.K.'s Jodie Tarleton.

Adam Baldwin
Firefly's Jayne Cobb, Chuck's John Casey, and The Last Ship's XO Mike Slattery.

Summer Glau
Firefly's River Tam, Sarah Connor Chronicles' Cameron Phillips, and Arrow's Isabel Rochev. Appearing Sat. and Sun July 16-17th Only!

Gates McFadden
Star Trek: TNG's Dr. Beverly Crusher, Marker's Kimba, and Hunt for Red October's Caroline Ryan. Appearing Sat. and Sun July 16-17th Only!

Jessie Usher
The Boys' A-Train, Independence Day: Resurgence's Dylan Hiller, and Level Up's Lyle.

John Billingsley
ST:Enterprise's Doctor Phlox, The Orville's Cambis Borrin, and True Blood's Mike Spencer.

Eddie McClintock
Warehouse 13's Pete Lattimer, Supergirl's Col. James Harper, and Agents of SHIELD's Vin-Tak.

Bonnie Gordon
ST:Prodigy's Ship's Computer, Shield of Tomorrow's Ensign Lark Sage, and Street Fighter V's Rainbow Mika