Shore Leave 42 Guest: Ian Randal Strock

Ian Randal Strock

Ian Randal Strock plays with words for money: He is a writer (of science fiction and nonfiction), editor, and the publisher of Gray Rabbit Publications / Fantastic Books. He has worked as a teacher, stock trader, tour guide, and is a serial entrepreneur.

He is the national Secretary of American Mensa.

Ian was twice elected treasurer of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and was one of the founders of the Artemis Society International, later serving on the Board of Advisors of its successor, the Moon Society. He was also the vice president of The Lunar Resources Company.

Books by Ian Randal Strock:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-151542-422-2 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-396-6 Fantastic Books
978-151542-384-3 Fantastic Books
978-151542-337-9 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-370-6 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-332-4 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151541-025-6 Fantastic Books
978-163144-059-5 Carrel Books
978-163144-058-8 Carrel Books
978-162755-629-3 Gray Rabbit Publishing