Shore Leave 41 Guest: Hildy Silverman

Hildy Silverman

Hildy Silverman is the former publisher of Space and Time, a five-decade-old magazine featuring fantasy, horror, and science fiction ( Her most recent fiction publications include, "My Dear Wa'ats" (2018, Baker Street Irregulars II: The Game is A'Foot, Ventrella & Maberry, eds.), and "Sidekicked" (2019, Release the Virgins, Ventrella, ed).

Books by Hildy Silverman:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-151542-384-3 Fantastic Books
978-189009-677-9 Padwolf Publishing
978-098368-778-8 Crazy 8 Press
978-163576-377-5 Diversion Books
978-099836-411-7 Crazy 8 Press
978-162681-840-8 Diversion Publishing
978-193988-839-6 Comicmix LLC
978-193705-189-1 Dark Quest LLC
978-189009-651-9 Padwolf Publishing Inc.
978-143913-392-7 Baen
978-143913-274-6 Baen