Shore Leave 41 Guest: David Batchelor

David Batchelor
David will be speaking about:

Dr. David Batchelor got his undergraduate B.S. in Physics from MIT and his Ph.D. in physics from UNC-Chapel Hill. His Ph.D. dissertation was based on work he did investigating solar flares as part of the science team for NASA's Solar Maximum Mission spacecraft. He later was hired by NASA and has been employed by the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, since 1988. He has performed scientific research in medical physics, and in astrophysics and elementary particle physics at NASA, as well as management of educational web software development.

Currently he is a Computer Engineer for Data Systems at Goddard Space Flight Center. He is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Maryland University College, teaching Introduction to Physical Sciences. His website The Science in Star Trek is the most-read article about its topic on the Internet, and has been widely republished. Consequently he has been consulted on futurist topics by Wired Online, The Economist, Star Trek Communicator, The San Francisco Chronicle, National Geographic Online, NBC Nightly News, Fortean Times, and numerous other publications. He and his wife Laurie recently celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Books by David Batchelor:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-161296-011-1 Black Rose Writing