Shore Leave 41 Guest: Dave Galanter

Dave Galanter

Dave Galanter has authored (or co-authored with sometime collaborator Greg Brodeur) various Star Trek projects, including Voyager: "Battle Lines" and The Next Generation duology "Maximum Warp." His solo projects include several Trek short stories and novellas, the original series novel "Troublesome Minds", as well as his latest Classic Trek book, "Crisis of Consciousness" which was published in May of 2015. He lives in Maryland with his wife and family.

Books by Dave Galanter:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
Outside In: Make It So 978-098822-104-8 ATB Publishing
1-47678-260-1 Pocket Books/Star Trek
978-189254-407-0 Crazy 8 Press
978-189254-403-2 Crazy 8 Press
1-41659-494-9 Pocket
1-43910-155-8 Pocket
1-41654-489-5 Pocket
Mere Anarchy Book 3: Shadows of the Indignant (e-book) 1-41653-453-9 Pocket
0-74349-254-4 Pocket
0-74349-171-8 Pocket
SCE#41 Bitter Medicine (e-book) Pocket
0-74346-442-7 Pocket
0-74342-878-1 Pocket
0-67104-749-3 Pocket
0-67104-757-4 Pocket
0-67100-259-7 Pocket
978-067188-414-7 Pocket