Shore Leave 41 Guest: Brent A Warner

Brent A Warner
Brent will be speaking about:

Brent Warner majored in physics at the College of Wooster. Despite the many hours of study, there are parts of physics that still surprise him. He'll be sharing some of those areas in his science demo for kids.

He uses some of his physics knowledge in his career as a thermal engineer in the aerospace business. That means he does heating and air conditioning in space (except that there's no air to condition in space, but that's a story for another time).

This science program for kids will include some really strange demos. For example, we'll put out a candle using something you can't see, hear, or feel. We'll look at gyroscopes and find out that, when you push them one way, they go another. We'll play with polarizing filters, which are like polarizing sun glasses. We'll find out that sometimes more layers of filters makes things darker, and sometimes it just makes them colorful!  If there's time, we'll even find out that cereal can be magnetic!