Autograph Questions

Be sure to also review the Shore Leave Autograph Policy as well as the FAQ.

Can I purchase tickets for the autograph line?

No autograph ticket is required. At Shore Leave, your convention membership allows you access to all of our guests' autograph tables, as well as the official autograph session. Please note that many of our actor guests do charge for their autographs, however this transaction is between you and the guest and you pay at the autograph table.

How much will the guests charge for their autograph?

Autograph prices are set by the individual guest. It is our current understanding however that these guests' prices will be as follows (subject to change):

(Please note that autographs are not included in the price of photo op photos.)

Which guests will be participating in the official autograph session?

Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, and Laura Vandervoort will each sign one item for no additional charge during the official autograph sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Other than during the official autograph session, they will be charging for their autograph. All other guests will be charging a fee (amount to be determined by the actor) for their autographs, including Photo Ops photos. Please read the Autograph Policy for additional information about the official autograph sessions.

Will Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, and Laura Vandervoort be available for autographs outside the official autograph sessions?

Yes! Guests participating in the official autograph sessions are always given the opportunity to have a table outside the official session, and this year, all three have accepted this extra opportunity to meet their fans.