Shore Leave 41 Guest: Allyn Gibson

Allyn Gibson
Allyn Gibson may not have a household name, but as the writer of Diamond Comic Distributors' PREVIEWS catalog, with his fingers on the pulse of the comics industry. Since 2007, Allyn has immersed himself in comics, graphic novels, action figures, and pop culture as he finds the words to promote the projects and products that excite fandom each and every month. In addition, Allyn has interviewed numerous comics professionals for PREVIEWS, including DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, Doctor Who comic writer Tony Lee, and Star Trek actor William Shatner as they describe new and upcoming projects. Among Allyn's other credits are the acclaimed Star Trek short story "Make-Believe" in Star Trek: Constellations (2006) and the mind-blowing Doctor Who short story "The Spindle of Necessity" in Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership (2008). He has also penned articles for Star Trek Magazine and the London Evening Standard. Allyn currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.